Getting through “bad art days”

I sometimes go through phases of not wanting to produce any artwork and at times it can be healthy to take a break once in a while but when these breaks go on for weeks and sometimes months, then you might want to consider the reasons for taking the break in the first place. Personally, […]

The basics of drawing

In my previous post “Thoughts on my old sketches” i briefly mentioned the foundations of drawing. Today i hope to explain what exactly these “foundations” are and why they’re so important for any artist. Here’s a list of the fundamentals: Form Proportion Anatomy Value/lighting Form The three elementary shapes are: circles, squares and triangles. Every […]

Thoughts on my old sketches

“Every artist was first an amateur” — Ralph Waldo Emerson. . I am going to be posting a lot of sketches on my blog and not many “finished pieces” and i’ll explain why in a later post. For now here’s some sketches from 2017. I lacked a certain structure to my face drawings and the proportions were […]

Who i am and why I’m here

A little bit about me I’ve been drawing consistently for the last two years with a few breaks here and there and I thought it would be a good idea to start sharing my art progress through a blog format. I am by no means a professional so any insights/advice taken from my blog should […]