A little bit about me

I’ve been drawing consistently for the last two years with a few breaks here and there and I thought it would be a good idea to start sharing my art progress through a blog format. I am by no means a professional so any insights/advice taken from my blog should not be taken too seriously.

I do not have any education in art or training, i am a self taught artist. My main area of interest is creature design but will be branching out into figure drawing (my area of weakness is figure/gestural drawing).

Purpose of my blog

To showcase the developmental process of getting better at drawing from my earliest works to my most up to date sketchbook.

I plan on doing this by analysing the mistakes i made when i was first starting out so the reader (hopefully beginner artists) can relate with my errors and to see that the process of getting better at art is gradual and not based on talent.

I would like to also develop some sort of “art community” were i can connect with other artists through social media and perhaps in person.

That’s the gist of my blog. I might turn it into something else later but right now that’s the general purpose. Thank you reading this far and welcome to my art journey.

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