A crows journey

  • The basics of drawing

    17th Jul 2019 by

    In my previous post “Thoughts on my old sketches” i briefly mentioned the foundations of drawing. Today i hope to explain what exactly these “foundations” are and why they’re so important for any artist. Here’s a list of the fundamentals: Form Proportion Anatomy Value/lighting Form The three elementary shapes are: circles, squares and triangles. Every… Read more

  • Who i am and why I’m here

    15th Jul 2019 by

    A little bit about me I’ve been drawing consistently for the last two years with a few breaks here and there and I thought it would be a good idea to start sharing my art progress through a blog format. I am by no means a professional so any insights/advice taken from my blog should… Read more

  • The struggle to improve

    20th Aug 2019 by

    When starting out with art (or any skill) you might find that you’re not seeing any visual improvement with your technique. Most of this fear of not improving is psychological because in reality you’re improving just incrementally. One of the best ways to see your art improving is to set a standard to where your… Read more

  • Getting through “bad art days”

    17th Aug 2019 by

    I sometimes go through phases of not wanting to produce any artwork and at times it can be healthy to take a break once in a while but when these breaks go on for weeks and sometimes months, then you might want to consider the reasons for taking the break in the first place. Personally,… Read more

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Blog goal

This website should give a realistic perspective on how the ability to draw is developed.

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