Getting through “bad art days”

I sometimes go through phases of not wanting to produce any artwork and at times it can be healthy to take a break once in a while but when these breaks go on for weeks and sometimes months, then you might want to consider the reasons for taking the break in the first place.

Personally, when i don’t feel like drawing i just stop and then after a few days of not creating i pick up from where i left off in my sketchbook. Though in the past I’ve put off drawing for years at a time and this stunted my artistic skill development. The purpose of this blog was intended to keep me on track so i wouldn’t take such long breaks like i have in the past.

If you are a fellow artist and are going through a bad art day then i suggest just doing a single sketch of something in your “comfort zone”. Drawing things that you are already good at will keep you motivated and remind you that you don’t suck as much as you tell yourself. Almost all of “bad art days” are created when we self deprecate (you know exactly what i’m talking about).

Not to say that life circumstances can’t get in the way too, life happens so don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re not as artistically productive as you’d like to be.

This blog post was a little short but i’m slowly getting back into blogging after my break. Also here’s my latest illustration:

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